Top Intructor-Led Training Courses

A fun and interactive training with our experience trainer. Training can be conducted physically or virtually

IAAP Certificate in Corporate Taxation

  • Understanding the corporate taxation by referring to the computation, non-deductible expenses, capital expenditure and its eligibility on capital allowance, interest restriction and etc
  • Treatment of other sources of income which is not related to trade
  • Understanding withholding tax (WHT)
  • Know the consequence of non-compliance and avoid the unnecessary penalties
  • Understanding the importance of real property gains tax and transfer pricing
  • Understanding about Malaysian taxation 

Handling Full Set of Account

  • To understand the accounting principles and standards governing them
  • To define the essential glossary and terms used in accounting
  • To understand the fundamentals and functions of accounting
  • To identify the difference between profit and loss account and balance sheet
  • To understand how daily operation will affect the finance of the Company and vice versa
  • To understand the different types of financial reports, cash flow, and investment analyses
  • To prepare final accounts

Manpower Planning & Human Resource Management

  • Define manpower planning and understand how manpower planning is related to the overall strategic plan of the organization
  • Understand the concepts of demand and supply of manpower
  • Understand the impact of the labour market on manpower planning
  • To formulate staffing and retention processes and policies
  • Recruit and retain talents according to the organization’s policy
  • Manage people and discipline within the ambit of the relevant labour laws