Effective Delegation for Career Development


Created by Ong Chee Eng

Last Updated 2021-06-23


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Effective Delegation for Career Development


Created by Ong Chee Eng

Last Updated 23-06-2021 English


What you'll learn

  • Identify how delegation fit into job and career development
  • List the benefits of effective delegation for self, employees and organization 
  • Use appropriate process for effective delegation
  • Give clear instruction for better delegation results
  • Apply the correct level of delegation according to task and person
  • Recognize common delegation pitfall and how to avoid it
  • Consider various factors before delegation


Module 1: Importance of Delegation

  • Organization model and career transition
  • Needs for delegation and getting things done through people
  • Delegation - 4Ds of time management

Module 2: Objectives of Delegation

  • Key benefits of effective delegation
  • Essential elements for effective delegation
  • Pro and cons of delegation

Module 3: Factors to Consider for Effective Delegation

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Readiness
  • Growth
  • Culture

Module 4: Obstacles and Barriers to Delegation

  • Manager perspective
  • Staff perspective
  • Organization perspective

Module 5 : The Different Levels of Delegation

  • Five different levels of delegation
  • Effective application of each level

Module 6: Successful Delegation Steps

  • S -  Select
  • A - Assess
  • R - Result
  • S - Support and communicate

Module 7: Skill Practice

  • Discussion & practical exercise


  • Interactive lectures
  • Practical exercise
  • Discussion
  • Q&A session

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Ong Chee Eng


Ong has over 30 years of corporate experience with a multi-national financial institution, covering areas such as Operations, Collections, Finance, Human Resources, and Learning & Development. His last position was as the Human Resource-Relationship Manager for the Consumer Division of a bank where he handled end-to-end manpower transactions and managed staff transfers, secondments, placements, exit interviews and general staff matters. He was also involved in its yearly Employee Engagement Survey programme and was a member of the Talent Review Council. Ong holds a Master of Management from University Malaya and a Bachelor's in Business Administration from RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. He is also an Accredited Administrator of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® by Australian Psychologist Press & Asianic Psychologists Press (APP) since 2007.