Training Need Analysis for Organization

1 July 2022

Each employee needs to have the opportunity to grow. Therefore, it is the employer responsibility to ensure their employees career are growing. Training Need Analysis (TNA) is usually implemented by the organization to know the training needs. 

TNA is method of determining if a training need exist and what training is required to fill the gap. It is considered as the first stage in the training process. The stages include Training Need Analysis > design training course > delivery of training > evaluation of training. 

The analysis can be done from organizational, department and individual level. Each level will have different ways of analysis and goals. However, training needs for each level will follow as per organization goal. 

Organizational level will focus more on the organization-wide goals and problems to find out where training is needed. In this level, we will focus on reviewing company’s strategies and operational plans to get their expectations and company performance gaps. By these information, appropriate solutions can be prescribed to close the gap. 

Meanwhile, on department level the analysis based on the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) of the jobs/tasks. This analysis will check the knowledge and skills needed for each specific job task by comparing the current and future performance. The gaps revealed in this analysis will give the training needs. 

TNA in individual level is an analysis of the actual KSAs and current performance of each employee and determine their gap, this is known as competency gap. Other than analysis on KSA, culture of the workplace also needs to be considered. In individual level, deeper of approach needed to get the outcome. From this analysis, we can identify who needs to be trained and what training is needed. 

TNA process involved more steps to identifies training and development needs of the employees. The process involved by selecting the best approach, conducting gap assessments, identify KSA, analyse problem, identify the solutions and converted all data into a report analysis. 

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