The Importance of Employee Career Development

An employee is an asset for companies to grow and become successful. Companies that value their employees are most likely to become successful. Other than providing a good salary and benefit, developing the employees' career development and growth also will make the employees feel valued.

Employees' career development is to ensure the employees utilize their potential to the fullest. A study has shown that when employees think that their potential is not fully utilized, they are more likely to be looking for a new job compared to those who feel that their skills are being put to good use. This makes the employees feel they are cared for and valued. It is said that happy employees will produce greater productivity.

One of the ways of career development is by upskilling the employees by attending training relevant to their current job. The training attended is not necessary a hard skill, it can also be a soft skill training. Soft skill training is also necessary to help the employees fully utilize their hard skills. Examples of soft skill training are communication, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and many more.

Employees' career development will also help to fill up the difference between the skills required to complete the job and the existing skills sets of the employee. The employees will have the opportunity to update their skills and knowledge relevant to their current job thus increasing the efficiency in processes and will result in financial gain for the company.

We can conclude that career development is crucial to increase the productivity of the employees and at the same time will make the employees feel valued by the company. This also will lead to higher retention of staff and increased employee engagement.