Technical Working Committee for Microcredential (MC) Initiative 

24 June 2022

After extending the implementation of Microcredential (MC) Initiative, HRD Corp has release another circular to the employers about MC initiative. Circular dated on 15 June 2022 is to inform the employers that Microcredential Initiative will be implemented starting on 15th August 2022.

In this circular mention that, employers only can apply training grants for Microcredential registered courses or Microcredential exempted courses. Other than that, each employee registered with the courses will be subjected to RM300 Microcredential fee. The employer needs to bear the fee and will be deducted from their fund.

The fee imposed has raised some concerns from the employers, associations, and training providers too. This fee will limit the number of employees send for training since employer have to use the fund to cover the fee too. For example, instead of spending RM 12,000 for two days in-house training, the employer needs to spend RM 16,500 to train 15 employees. The additional RM 4,500 can be used to send their employees for another training instead.

In the latest statement by HRD Corp through their Telegram Channel, they have offer some clarifications regarding this concern:

  1. HRD Corp will update a new list of courses that require micro-credential soon. Courses that do not require micro-credentials will continue as per current guidelines
  2. Micro-credential fee will be embedded into overall course matrix with its own ceiling limit for each scheme. Therefore, the employers will not bear the fee directly and impact the overall number of employees trained
  3. HRD Corp will established a Technical Working Committee which consist of employer associations to discuss, address concerns and reach common understanding on the implementation mechanism and the fees, before it is imposed
  4. HRD Corp will continue to engage with employer representatives to their views and feedbacks on all policy and technical issues regarding HRD Corp Mircrocredential initiatives and to ensure the implementation will be successful and satisfied all parties
As for now, we have to wait until a new guideline issued by HRD Corp. Hope by the establishment of the committee will help to resolve the concerns raised and HRD Corp vision to ensure that every Malaysian is trained and employable is achieved.

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