Microcredential Initiatives by HRD Corp

26 May 2022

*New Update*
HRD Corp has released new circular dated 30th May 2022 the implementation of Microcredential Initiative will be extended until 31st July 2022.

In April 2022, HRD Corp has released HRD Corp Registered Training Providers's Circular No 5/2022 and this circular is to inform that HRD Corp is going to implement Microcredential (MC) Initiative starting on 1st June 2022. The objectives of this initiative are:

  • Add values to the HRD Corp registered courses
  • Create a pathway for learners to achieve formal academic or skills qualifications with stackable MC courses
  • Widen learning opportunities to make lifelong learning a reality for Malaysia's workforce and talents.

Therefore, all training registered under HRD Corp Claimable Courses scheme previously are required to be accredited and the application can be done through Microcredential Course Acknowledgement System or known as MICAS.  However, the following are exempted:

  • Courses less than 7 hours
  • Team building, coaching & mentoring
  • Seminars, conference, colloquium and summit
  • Co-curriculum & fieldwork 

The micro-credited training will be recognized by Higher Education Providers, Skills Accredited Centres and Professional Bodies through Assessment of Competency set by MQA, JPK and Professional Bodies. Course learning outcomes (CLO) will be based on knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) domains. 

Minimum duration of Stand-alone MC courses are 40 hours and equivalent to one credit value. The accumulated credit value are transferable to formal qualification. Credit value of each courses will be decided by the trainer or training provider itself, however this will be subjected to HRD Corp approval. For example, seven hours of classroom learning of one day training is equivalent to one credit value. The remaining 33 hours is considered as Independent Learning Time (ILT). Learners will be provided with other training materials (videos, reading materials, brain storming, discussion, internet browsing etc) to cover the rest of ILT hours.

Course DaysContact Hours (Claimable with HRD Corp)ILT Hours (Non-claimable Hours)Total Contact + ILT HoursCredit Value
1 Day733401
2 Days1426401
3 Days2159802
4 Days2852802
5 Days35851203
6 Days42781203

When applying MC courses through MICAS, training provider needs to submit:

  • Course Learning Outcome (CLO) based on KSA domain
  • Mapping of CLO with training strategies and assessment mode
  • Training contact hours for each module together with ILT hours & activities

Guide on CLO formulation, training strategies, assessment mode and ILT activities are available in MICAS portal for the training provider to start planning their MC courses application.