HRD-TDF Accreditation Process

1 August 2022

In the latest circular by HRD Corp, all TTT certified/ exempted trainers need to be HRD Corp Accredited Trainers by going through the accreditation process by activity and assessment process. Accreditation process entitlement based on their certification date as the following:

  • Activity process - trainers certified/exempted before 1st January 2021
  • Assessment process - trainers certified/exempted after 1st January 2021 

Accreditation by Activity

Trainers are given 3 years grace period, starting from 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2024 to obtain their accreditation through activity by submitting 120 hours of training conducted through Trainers Development Management System (TDMS). Training hours conducted are justified by supporting documents accumulated beginning from 1st January 2018 to date. 

Even though the training are not registered/ claimed with HRD Corp but within their requirements can be considered for the claimable training hours. Following are the requirements of the training:

  • The participants must comprise of adults;
  • Participants: Minimum two (2) nos. , Maximum 25 nos. for technical training or 35 nos. for soft skills training if single trainer;
  • Duration: Minimum of four (4) hours; and
  • Face to Face or Remote Online Training as per HRD Corp guidelines
The trainers are required to submit minimum of two (2) of the following documents into TDMS as a proof: 

  • Complete attendance sheet;
  • Participant’s feedback form using HRD-TEE for training conducted under HRD Corp schemes or general format of feedback form for training conducted outside of HRD Corp;
  • Offer letter/email from the employer/ Training Provider to Trainer; or
  • Proof of payment from the Employer or Training Provider to Trainer
Original or digital copy of the supporting documents need to be retained at least three (3) years and HRD Corp reserves the rights to request for the original documents for verification purposes. Accreditation fee of RM 60 is required upon submission.

The same requirement and supporting documents required for renewal process. However, if the trainers unable to meet the minimum hour of 120, they also can opt to accreditation by assessment.

Accreditation by Assessment

Trainers are required to demonstrate their competence in a real training situation by video recording in an actual training. Training within HRD Corp requirement can be considered for the recording. The following are the five (5) areas of competencies that will be assessed:

  • CT1: Plan Adult Learning
  • CT2: Conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • CT3: Design Competency-Based Training Course
  • CT4: Conduct A Competency-Based Training Course
  • CT5: Assess Participant’s Competence

Accreditation application needs to be submitted through TDMS together with the following documents:

  • Link to Video URL
  • Course Outline
  • Lesson Plan
  • Presentation Slides
  • Attendance form/ Feedback forms of participants/ Acknowledgement letter from Training Provider or Employer (on company letterhead)
Submitted video recording needs to follow HRD Corp requirements. The video requirements and further information is available in HRD-TDF Guidelines. Original or digital copy of the supporting documents need to be retained at least three (3) years.

No Assessment fee is needed as it is already included in TTT course/exemption fee. However, if the trainer accredited before 1st January of 202, fee of RM 150 is required upon submission. The same requirement and supporting documents required for renewal process if the trainer unable to meet the minimum requirements on accreditation by activity.

HRD Corp has prepared a User Guideline for TDMS made available on their website. The guideline has step-by-step on the accreditation application process by activity or assessment.

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